Here's an all-too-common scenario.

A middle aged woman:
- can't lose weight no matter what she does
- only has 2-3 bowel movements each week
- drags herself out of bed each morning
- struggles to stay awake in the evening
- feels depressed, although not diagnosed

The crazy part is, her doctor keeps telling her that her labs "look good." He actually goes on to tell her it's just a part of aging and she's not getting any younger.

So what can she do?

She can either continue to do the same thing she being doing OR she can start making positive lifestyle changes.

The following may be affecting her thyroid:

- Stress:  raises cortisol which promotes fat storage
- Inflammation:  throws off every metabolic process in the body
- Chronic underlying infections:  contributes to leaky gut and systemic inflammation
- Autoimmunity:  hashimotos must be properly managed and supported with diet and nutrition
- Excess estrogen:  makes weight loss nearly impossible
- Low iron:  aka anemia, a lack of iron iron inhibits proper oxygenation to all tissues and slows metabolism

But her doctor already said her labs "look good."

THE PROBLEM- the testing that your insurance covers is so generic/basic it can't detect metabolic imbalances until major organ dysfunction.

THE SOLUTION- running a Comprehensive Bioscreen is a great way to check multiple systems in the body and gauge where metabolic imbalances may be stemming from. 

For instance, instead of just looking at TSH and T4, I like to look at all 10, YES 10, thyroid markers. Two of them actually determine if it's autoimmune thyroiditis. If you'd like an evaluation to find out if you're a good candidate, click here.

I also like to check inflammation levels through a marker called C-RP or C-Reactive Protein (often elevated), run a complete iron panel (often low), check vitamin D (always low), plus multiple other important markers like homocystein to determine where the metabolic imbalances and deficiencies are coming from.

This Comprehensive Bioscreen brings clarity to what was previously a guessing game. The great thing about it is that you can get this lab done in almost every city in the US.

It's a breath of fresh air and gives confidence to finally know where the body is out of balance and what nutrition is necessary to re-balance.

If you're suspecting thyroid imbalances or inflammation...TEST, DON'T GUESS!

It's the best way to fast track to optimal health.

If you'd like to have an evaluation to find out if you're a good candidate, click here.

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